Health/Safety – our primary goal is the care and safe-keeping of your child.  All adults are CPR trained and background checked. Local emergency responders are just a block away from the end of our lane. Physical as well as emotional health is of paramount importance, but TCE is not designed as a treatment, therapy or rehabilitation center. TCE is permitted by the Illinois Dept of Public Health.

Supervision – the day to day activities of TCE have adults and children working and playing side by side.  Campers quickly understand the high level of freedom they earn on the farm as well as the amount of responsibility that comes along with that.  For everyone’s safety, we allow campers to explore the property in small groups and let somebody know where about they are headed. TCE intends to create a positive framework or skeleton on which campers can build and create, rather than a cage that restricts and confines them.

Discipline – at TCE, we provide clear expectations, give a tremendous amount of choice, and ensure everybody knows how to be safe and courteous in areas on the farm.  As in life, privileges and consequences naturally present themselves as a result of our actions.   This is also what we find on the farm and children most often choose for themselves the best way to behave. Of course, like in other areas of real-life, discipline problems can arise and they are handled with a conversation about respect, dignity, and logical consequences.