Bring your class to The Country Experience

Many camper parents are also heads of school or teachers, and after seeing the impact on their own kids, now visit with their entire class to experience the hands-on learning at TCE.  We open the farm, our cabins, the barn, the gardens and pastures to school groups in both the Spring and Fall, and look forward to crafting a visit that fits your needs.

Duration: Groups stay for as few as three days, or as many as thirteen.  “Sleepaway” builds real-life skills like meal prep, care for others, priorities, patience and decision-making. With time, process ideas, practice tasks, and achieve mastery, not just gain “awareness” or “exposure.”

Facilities: the layout and structures on the farm are very flexible, and comfortable for groups from 12 to 45.  Cabins have air conditioning and heat, with skylights and ceiling fans.  The baths are modern and showers have in-line water heaters, so everyone gets a hot shower.  Our barn is well suited for meals, discussion, games, and so much more.  And of course, the land and animals are “on-line” every day of the year, so there is always meaningful work to be done.

Curriculum: Our goal with your visit is two-fold, a) to prepare an environment where children experience life and learn about themselves, their abilities, and their place in the world, and b) support your efforts to teach them, to meet their developmental, intellectual and social needs.  What you’ll find at TCE is a group of partner-minded adults who want to help you succeed and your children grow, and we’ll work with you to create the visit that fits your class, your school, your kids.

Why TCE?:  Our facilities and processes have been built to allow you and your class “inside the fences,” so students do the animal feeding, health-checks, providing clean and dry housing.  We base our activities on the real-life of the farm, so instead of “imagine you need to….,” we actually go out and do it.  Decision-making has real outcomes, cooperation (or lack) is clear to see, community builds as does confidence, awareness of self and others, and an appreciation for life and complexity.

How do we get started?  The best visits start with a conversation of needs and possibilities.  Please call Ed at 312-852-7400, or email ed@thecountryexperience dot com, or claire@thecountryexperience dot com.