Counselor In Training Program for 13 to 16 year olds

Campers– Are you turning 13 soon?

We will miss you in the camper cabins, but it’s time to graduate!

Welcome to our Counselor In Training (CIT) program!

During your time as a CIT, you will be able to take on many empowering leadership roles within camp with more trust, risk, autonomy, and special training.  As a CIT, you will develop skills for the real world, mentor new campers, and be involved with some entirely new experiences on the farm.  CITs will have a separate sleeping area on the farm.

All CITs will receive:

  • leadership training and guiding techniques for mentoring younger campers
  • specific trainings in animal, garden, food prep, and safety
  • room and board
  • guidance on roles and responsibilities during the week
  • extended amount of freedom, choice, responsibility, and trust
  • opportunities to plan and lead activities with campers (animal feedings, garden/kitchen projects, star gazing, games, night hikes, music around the campfire, construction, baking/canning, etc)
  • letter of recommendation–as a CIT who is training with us but eventually like to work elsewhere, we would be happy to write a letter to future employers detailing your worth ethic, skills, sense of character, and employability!

Summer 2017 Weeks Available for CIT Training:

  1. June 19 – 23
  2. July 10 – 14
  3. August 7 – 11

CIT Extended Stay Opportunities: 

  1. Arrival:  We welcome CITs to start their week with us before campers arrive– if transportation logistics allow, please arrive the Sunday before at 5:00pm.  During this additional time, you will get the opportunity to join our team meeting, prep for campers, get settled in your lodging space, get reacquainted with the farm, etc.
  2. Extension: NEW for 2017– We will host Farm Pizza Nights on Friday evenings!  CITs who choose to stay will gain experience with customer service and commerce –including set up, placing orders, serving/cooking pizzas and clean up.  Families are encouraged to stay for the evening, enjoy the farm, food, and community camaraderie, as well as see their CIT in action. Cabins available for CIT families that Friday evening on a first come, first serve basis.  Please contact Ed at for details and reservations.

Counselor In Training Program Rates:  

As you age up in the CIT program and gain more experience on the farm, the cost will decrease by $150 each week you attend. Eventually, you will become eligible to apply for a paid position on the farm for the summer as a Junior Counselor.

1st week CIT- $900/week

2nd week CIT- $750

3rd week CIT- $600

4th week CIT- $400

5th week CIT- $250

6th week CIT- $100

By 6 weeks of being a Counselor In training OR by your 16th birthday we welcome you to apply as a Junior Counselor!

To Apply:

Complete the Apply to Camp form and select which CIT week you prefer!