Two-acre fishing pond, vegetable gardens, flower cutting gardens, vining gardens, herb & snack garden, an orchard growing apples, cherries, pears, and apricots, rolling pastures for rotational grazing, vast and sloping front lawn for game and stargazing, wooded pasture, 1-mile paved perimeter walking-path


Built Environment 

Three cozy cabins & one attached barn cabin (each sleep 10, full farm capacity <45),  renovated century-old barn became our Gathering Barn where we dine on one long table, modern showers/bathrooms, fully-licensed commercial kitchen, campfire ring, wood-fired pizza oven, hay barn, two chicken cooks, chicken tractor, pole barn, landscape shed, farmhouse 



We are currently home to a small herd of Dexter Cows, Boer Goats, Nubian Goats, New Zealand Rabbits, two flocks of laying hens, several Berkshire and Heritage Pigs, three Miniature Pot-Bellied Pigs, and several Dorset and Shetland Sheep.  Of course, Sammy, our farm dog, and the two barn cats named Batgirl and Wolfie. 



Amstutz Family Farm, home to The Country Experience, is sized and planned with people in mind, both those who live here and those who visit. We have selected the fruit, vegetables, and crops that we plant to look great and to feed us awesome food throughout the growing season. We have chosen livestock that’s right-sized, diverse, and each plays a role: goats are naturally kid-sized and a barrel of fun. Rabbits are adorable, soft to hold and cuddle into the crook of an arm. Sheep eat what goats don’t like, respond to even the smallest person, and give us wonderful wool. Cows do a great job of keeping fields mown down, efficiently turning green pastures into healthy beef, and ours have proven to be great mothers to their calves. Pigs are perhaps the smartest animal on the farm and hilarious to watch. We rotate animals through our fields, where each selects something a little different from the pasture “salad bar,” leaving the land and us healthier for it’s having been there.