I was lucky to have a 24 hour overnight visit to camp so that I could get a glimpse of a full day on the farm. I was absolutely blown away. It truly is the magic of a Montessori classroom on a farm. What was the most striking to me was the level of joy, contentment, and calm among the campers, who are so actively engaged in every aspect of running a farm– from feeding animals to tending to the garden to preparing meals. Like our classrooms, there is so much built-in choice and independence, so unlike the usual camp format of being herded around from one adult created and directed activity to the next. There really is something special happening at this place, that is so in-line with what we do. The students from FBS absolutely loved it and talk about it constantly!

Ms. Regina- Upper Elementary Directress at Forest Bluff Montessori School img_0874







Our children just returned from a week on the farm and are ready to go back, possibly to live. They loved the animals, the counselors, the food, the views, the many choices of chores and activities, the fun (dance party, tug-of-war, swinging on the willow tree), the friends they made, the bunkhouses, and the flushing toilets. As parents, we appreciated the work-play balance, the opportunity for our children to be independent and care for themselves and others in a safe, supportive environment, and the daily pictures, which helped us feel a part of the experience and connected to our children while they were away. We’re happy to have found a local farm camp that reinforces our family’s values: be kind, work hard, do good.


Michael- father of two campers, Montessori head of school family


This should be required for every kid! Our daughters had an absolutely wonderful time and they will surely cherish the memories they made at the farm. Beautiful setting, wonderful owners and staff, cute animals, and fantastic facilities. Thank you so much!


Tim- father of two campers


Thank you so much Amstutz’s family, Lewis had an awesome time at the farm! He loved the goats, capture the flag, eating mulberries and catching fish. He is totally exhausted and his underwear will never recover from the mud tug of war and but he loved every minute of it!


Paula- mother of one camper