Click to Download our Packing List for Camp

On the first day, campers will receive 5 camp t-shirts–one to wear each day which we will collect and wash after showers.  Their Friday shirt they can wear home! 
Our packing system uses three bags, and has proven quite efficient for children at camp.

#1 – DAY BAG

7 “clothing rolls” (see below for instructions)
10 pairs of socks (7 pairs will be used in the clothing roll described below)
2 pairs of comfortable and cool shorts, swim trunks are fine

4 pairs extra underwear 
Closed-toe trail/hiking shoes
Gym shoes
Flip flops or crocs of the shower
Rainboots or rubber clogs (must be closed-toed)
Sweatshirt or light jacket
Hat (A wide brim hat is recommended for the best protection)

Reusable Water Bottle (labeled with your child’s name) 


Blank journal, pencil (small set of colored pencils optional)
Flashlight and/or headlamp 
Laundry bag or pillowcase for dirty laundry
One small sleep toy (optional)

Book or two (optional)
Bath robe
2 bath towels labeled with your child’s first name and last initial. (We suggest a ribbon safety-pinned in a loop to the middle of the towel. These will be used to hang and identify your child’s towel.)
2 sets of pajamas (be sure it is appropriate to the week’s forecast)

Toiletry kit (instructions below)

Toiletry Kit – The ideal bag used for toiletries is waterproof and has a hanging hook/strap. Please also label with your child’s initials:

Travel size shampoo and body soap
Washcloth/loofah (optional)
Simple hair ties/barrettes for children with long hair
Medications (place in a labeled Ziploc bag).  Please ensure that your child knows when and how to take their medication.  We will store it in a locked cabinet in the office, but he/she will be responsible for self-administration.


(please use a large cloth or mesh bag that can be laundered, as we put bedding in the dryer to prevent bed bugs)

Twin sheet set and blanket OR Sleeping Bag 
One pillow

Clothing Rolls

The clothing roll system enables your camper to find the clothes they need for each day easily. There is a clothing roll for each day, along with two extra in case extra changes of clothing are needed. A roll is opened each morning. No hunting around for a missing pair of pants or socks. No need to label the clothing rolls for a particular day.
Each clothing roll will be similar and should contain the following:

1 pair of long pants (camping/hiking style are best)
1 pair of socks (no ankle or short socks)
1 pair of underwear
1 thick rubberband
1 Camp t-shirt. Five Camp T-shirts will be provided the first day of camp and will be added to the rolls. Pack the last roll with a plain-colored t-shirt (green if available)

How to pack a clothing roll:

Lay out the pants.
Stack the remaining clothes on top of the pants.
Roll the clothes altogether and secure with a thick rubberband.

Other Items

Please be sure to leave items at home that may interfere with your camper’s connection and engagement to the farm. A list of items to leave behind are as follows:

cameras, cell phones, electronic devices of any kind
candy, food, drink
lighters, matches
makeup, nail polish, or jewelry
“extra” entertainment related items such as collectibles or toys
There are some exceptions including: regular medications, orthodontic headgear, hearing aids, glasses or contact lens kits, etc.


If your child bed-wets occasionally or regularly, please pack additional items to prepare your child. Children that may bed-wet will be assigned a bottom bunk.

4 age-appropriate pull-ups work well if your child does not mind this option.
Or, send 2 waterproof twin bed mattress covers.
4 pairs of pajamas instead of just two.

Sleeping Arrangements

Campers sleep on comfortable wooden bunk beds in modern platform tents. Boys and Girls are in separate tents, each with same-gender counselors. Two ADA-accessible bathrooms are housed within the Barn.

Tips & Notes

– Be sure to break-in all footwear prior to coming to camp to prevent blisters and discomfort for your camper.
– Sporting goods, farm or garden and landscape supply stores may have a better selection on pants and shoes.
– Help your child be responsible for their belongings during camp by including them in the packing process. Lay everything out at home so each item is known by sight.
– If your child wears eyeglasses, we recommend a headband that attaches to the eyeglasses to help keep track of them while at the farm.
– Label or name tag clothing with first name and last initial. Also label the three bags your child arrives with, plus the laundry bag, toiletry kit, pillow and case (Use masking tape and permanent marker for large items.)
– We will be outside and active, so please pack clothes that your child feels comfortable in and will not mind getting dirty.
– We shower every evening except on Fridays.