Boys and Girls have separate cabins, and a same-gender counselor sleeps in the same space with the campers. Campers are guided by their flashlight and solar pathway lights to the Gathering Barn for any evening trips to the bathroom.  Our stunning red cabins were designed especially for us to comfortably fit a crew of bunk beds or arranged for retreats and family farm-stays.

  • each can sleep up to 12 (all bunks) 
  • electricity
  • heat and air conditioning
  • windows, skylights (for seeing the stars)
  • front porch for sitting (and taking off shoes)
  • ceiling fans and lights

Campers establish their own set of community cabin rules to guide them– from shoes off and make your bed to no beans and 5 minutes “squirely” time. 

Mornings– Campers can get up and head out of the cabin with friends anytime after the sun comes up.  For children who like more sleep, they can rest until breakfast if they need!   

Evenings– Campers are encouraged to brush teeth, use the restroom, and refill their water bottles before heading to the cabins for bed (between 8-9 pm). In the cabins before bed, counselors and campers build their traditions and fun routines: stories, reflections, hair braiding, games, etc.  If campers need to use the restroom at night, they will use their own flashlight and go on their own or they can wake a friend or their counselor to go with them. 


Bathrooms & Showers:  

In the Gathering Barn, we have renovated, modern, bathrooms, and showers.  There are 5 private showers and changing areas.  Plenty of hot-water thanks to our instant heater! Teeth-brushing stations and shelving to store toiletry kits help children to keep organized and flow through their daily routines. There are hooks and benches for children to place their clothes and items while showering.  Children will shower every evening, gathering their PJs, toiletry kit, slip-on shoes, and robe before heading into their shower stall. 



We all eat together in the Gathering Barn or outside on the picnic tables.  All meals, snacks, and baked goods are prepared by the campers alongside our camp chef in our fully-licensed commercial kitchen.  We use as much fresh food from the farm– most salads are picked and prepared just moments before!  Before each meal, you will see a bustling crew of campers carrying down plates, silverware, napkins, and serving dishes of prepared food.  After each meal, everybody pitches in to get dishes back to the kitchen, food scraps to the compost or chickens, and barn reset for the next meal.  Vegetarian options are always available.  Dairy/Gluten-free accommodations can be made as well.  Typical camp meals include a wide variety of the following for each meal: 

  • Breakfast: toast and farm fruit jam, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, french toast, pancakes, biscuits, oatmeal, fresh fruit salad, yogurt, muffins, sweet bread, vegetable and cheesy eggs 
  • Lunch: pita pockets and quinoa, teriyaki chicken and rice bowls, salad, fruit, soup
  • Dinner: pasta, roasted chicken, potatoes, steamed vegetables, freshly baked rolls, tacos, wood-fired pizza, pulled pork, grill-out, corn on the cob, pasta salad

We grow many vegetables and fruits ourselves and are fortunate to be surrounded by well-run family farms and dairies, which make it possible to prepare a great variety of ethically and responsibly raised fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats.  Vegetarians find many satisfying options, and seconds are always plentiful. We do not add nuts to the menu, but cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.