What Campers Can Do:


Care of animals: Feed animals twice a day, collect eggs from the chicken coops, cuddle with the bunnies, socialize with the goats, clean animal pastures, conduct health-checks each week on the goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, cows, donkeys, pigs.



Playtime, organized and free-choice: swing on the willow, go fishing, play capture the flag, relax in a hammock, toss a game of horseshoes with friends, walk the farm path, make wood art, explore the forested areas, catch frogs, look for bald eagles.


Prepare meals: plant and harvest vegetables, create a salad from the garden, bake using freshly picked fruit, flip pancakes for breakfast, make jam or applesauce, bake cookies or bread, winnow wheat for bread.


Build and create: mend a fence, repair a rabbit hutch, build a chicken brooder, move hay bales, cut firewood, create a farm game to take home.


Campers are always amazed at the amount of freedom and responsibility they receive as they learn the real-life balance between work and play.

A Typical Day

 The flow of the day includes a mix of chores, projects, relaxation and play, all of which are kid-sized and important to the workings of our farm. Campers participate in all areas both morning and afternoon, choosing for themselves how they will contribute to the farmstead and enjoy their free time.

During our meaningful morning and evening chores, children encounter a sense of responsibility and reflect how their effort has direct value on the farm. Projects are typically things that campers choose to do to improve life for the animals and for the land.  Play-time, along with ample free-choice farm time fosters friendships, builds community, and gives campers a chance to consider the meaning of the things they are seeing and doing.


Campers can get an early start if they choose and visit their favorite animals, fish in the pond, or start breakfast preparations in the kitchen. Some choose to relax in a hammock with friends or take a walk around the property.


Everyone has some role in breakfast prep, set up and clean up.


Morning chores include milking goats, feeding all animals, collecting eggs, making sure all the animals are healthy.

Goofy picture at breakfast

After a hearty breakfast, we meet to discuss the day. Here we review what needs to and can be done on the farm- what could we harvest and bake with? what animals need our attention or affection? how can we improve some areas of the farm for us or the animals?


When chores and farm projects wrap up, campers naturally move into play where they discuss their options and launch into one of their many possibilities: prepare lunch, play with animals, round up a game of capture the flag in the forest or field, dig for worms and fish, pick raspberries, and much more.



When the noon lunch bell is rung, we all rush to help set the table and carry food to the Gathering Barn.  As we eat, campers share their progress and adventures.  Once we all help clean up and reset the meal space, we retreat to our cabins for a bit of relaxation and reflection time– many campers get some shut-eye because they are so physically active!  In the afternoons, many choose to continue working on projects in the after and then enjoy free time with new friends.

Dinner is a fun meal shared in the barn, around the campfire, or picnic-style in the setting sun. After we eat, the animals need to also get their evening meal.  Campers pitch in to complete feeding and kitchens clean up.  In our modern and private bathrooms, campers take showers and bond over hair-brading or card games.  Campers relax by the campfire, tell stories in their bunks, play a game on the lawn, or bid the animals goodnight in their pastures.

boys firepit2